Monday, February 01, 2010

Homemade Butter

I've been too unwell since Friday night to actually either make it out of bed or get off the couch. Reason: extremely bad case of Rhinosinusitis & a throat infection. My sense of smell is completely gone, along with my sense of taste - can't even hear with my left ear. It's a wonder I'm functioning at all. 

It's rather disconcerting not to be able to smell or taste anything. I've even tried to jump-start my taste buds by dolloping heaped teaspoons of that Habanero sauce on top of everything I'm eating. But food still tastes like sawdust.

Since I'm unable to stay on my feet for too long & my children need entertainment, I've had to create activities I could either engage in or observe from my permanent position on the couch. 

Today we decided to make homemade butter. It's ridiculously easy. 

I read about how to make it a long time ago & couldn't believe it would actually work so I was just about as surprised as my 5 yr old when we sat around shaking a large Tupperware container half-filled with whipping cream and came up with actual butter in less than 10 minutes! 

I have no idea what it tastes like (no sense of taste, remember). According to my son, 'Hmm.. it smells just like butter' - but he refused to taste it, being 5 and also wary of things he's never tried before.

There is no recipe - all you need is whipping cream and a tall plastic container with a screw-on lid (or at least a lid that secures well and won't fly off during all the vigorous shaking). Use enough whipping cream to come about halfway up the container. And then all you do is shake, shake, shake. 

At first all the shaking will produce whipped cream & the container will begin to feel heavy. Then suddenly, you hear a lot of liquid sloshing around when the buttermilk starts separating and leaving solid butter behind. 

At some point, open the container up and tip the liquid (the buttermilk) out. You can save it for use in another recipe. 

Screw the lid back on and shake some more until you're sure you've got all the buttermilk you can. Tip it all out and scoop out the butter into a container. 

As I was scooping out mine into an old 'I can't believe it's butter' tub, my son asked, "are you going to put it in the oven now to get a rectangle shape?" 

LOL ... gotta love kids ;-) 

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