Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Making Marshmallow Fondant

I took a few basic Wilton cake decorating classes last year and in one of our classes we had to learn how to drape our cakes with fondant and make fondant bows etc. 

"Fondant" is such an intimidating word. I used to think one would have to be an expert confectioner or baker to be able to make it. I hadn't the foggiest idea how to make it in the first place and so, like all the other women in my class, I bought a bag of fondant from our instructor (it's not available anywhere else locally where I live). 

It was one of the most vile things I have ever tasted. I couldn't imagine having to bite through it to get to the rest of my cake. Yuck. 

One of the women and I got talking about marshmallow fondant - she had read about it some place and soon we were looking up recipes online and making trial versions. 

I haven't looked back since then. This it the fondant I make all the time. It tastes really good - it can roll out pretty thin without tearing so is good for draping cakes etc. I haven't made a lot of fondant art so I don't know how well it holds up, it's kind of soft. But I guess the addition of a little gum-tex would solve that problem? 

All you need: 

1 cup mini marshmallows (you can use 10 - 11 regular sized ones but I always have a disaster on my hands when I do. Don't know why?)
1-2 tbsp water
1 tsp vanilla extract
Food color
2-3 cups of confectioners sugar

Grease a microwavable bowl really well with shortening. 
Place the marshmallows and water in it. 
Microwave 10 seconds at a time for 1 minute. 
Make sure to stir them (using a well-greased spoon) around each time you stop or they stick to the bottom of the bowl and become really hard. 
By this time the marshmallows will have melted and will look a little soupy.

Add the vanilla (use clear vanilla if possible - if you're aiming to make white fondant) and now is a great time to add food color because it is really hard work to incorporate color into fondant later.

Now you can either dump this mixture onto a well-greased (with shortening) surface and throw on about 2 cups of confectioners sugar (I don't measure any more, I just keep dumping in until it feels right). 

Or, if your bowl is large enough, you can do it right in there to minimize the mess. Which is what I do. 

Make sure your hands are greased very well because this stuff is very sticky  and the food color will stain your hands otherwise- and start kneading. Keep kneading and adding sugar until the fondant is as pliable as play-doh. Add more sugar if you don't want it to be too soft. But be careful because it then becomes too dry. 

Form the fondant into a ball, rub it with a very thin layer of shortening all over, and place it in a zipper bag for at least half an hour before using. 

That's really all that there is to it. 

So, what will I do with all those different colored fondants up there? Stay tuned ;-)


Amanda said...

I just want you to know how very appropriate this post is for me right now! I posted a tutorial for some petits fours with fondant have really been wanting to try the homemade version!!

Thank you!

Love your bio BTW!


Grapefruit said...

Hey Amanda,
I was just over at your blog like 10 minutes ago! I've seen those petit fours - sooo pretty. I can never do things that neatly.
Let me know how that fondant turns out :)

Veronica M. said...

I've made this too and agree it is MUCH better than most. I have a cake supply store that does have a very tasty product (can't remember the brand) but it is VERY expensive. I think it's like $25 for enough to cover one cake so this is much more practical. So what did you end up doing with that colorful fondant? A special cake?

Southern Cookbook said...

This is just awesome. I often wondered how this stuff was made. I can see how your version is very tasty. I want to try this on a cake really soon.
~The Southern Cookbook

Grapefruit said...

Thanks Southern Cookbook! Do give it a try & let me know how it turns out.

Veronica - I started making fondant roses & then stopped after making 2 layers because the bake-sale I was doing them for got delayed by 2 weeks. I'll blog about it once I'm finally done.

Amanda said...

This is awesome, thank you for sharing. Your colors look great! Can't wait to test this out and get creative.

Jordan said...

How much does that recipe make? What size cake could it cover?

Thank you so much for this. I find fondant can be pretty nasty too. I'll definitely try this out! :)

Grapefruit said...

Hi Jordan,

If you roll it out really thin, this recipe will cover a 20cm round cake.

Rachel Page said...

I used MM fondant last year for a cake. It's too sweet for me as well, but I prefer it to the store bought stuff. I guess you either like the taste of fondant or you don't!


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