Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nutella + Fudge Brownie Ice cream


I can't seem to leave ice cream alone. 

But this ice cream is the best thing to have ever come out of my kitchen. I kid you not - it is no less than amazing. And I've made it many times over and devoured it all by myself. All credit for this supremely delicious invention goes to Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini

Do yourself a favor and make this today. 
It's full of Nutella. You know you can't fight it. So don't.
This time over I've made it with the closest substitute I could find to Nutella, because suddenly I can't find Nutella anywhere for the past several weeks. If it were available, I wouldn't have used a substitute.

Here's what I used for mine:


The jar is empty because - well, I used most of it up in the recipe and ate the rest with a spoon. This  brand of hazelnut spread is the closest it comes to tasting like Nutella but it is thinner in texture. Which probably explains why my ice cream turned out much softer today than it does when I make it with Nutella. It didn't become rock-hard, which is what usually happens when frozen overnight - in fact, it was so soft that it began to melt pretty fast and I had to take photos very quickly because it was beginning to look a lot like Nutella Soup. 

I embellished the ice cream further. Remember the brownies I made for Valentines Day? When I was cutting them into heart shapes, I actually managed to restrain myself from eating all the scraps and instead, I chopped up the remains, tossed them in a zipper bag and froze them. With the intention of using them in this ice cream. 

And I did. And WOW. 

My only regret is that I didn't toss in more than just a handful of brownie bits.

This photo is a bit grainy because taken so fast (the stuff was melting off the spoon!) - but can you see the tiny brownie bit hidden in the ice cream?


Have I converted you yet? Are you ready to make the plunge and make this? 

Here you go. It doesn't get any easier than this: 

Nutella & Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
adapted from Chocolate & Zucchini

1.5 cups + 1 tbsp evaporated milk 
1.5 cups Nutella

If you're making it with an ice cream maker,follow the instructions on your ice cream maker. 

If, like me, you're making it without an ice cream maker, you need to start making it in the morning so that it can be ready by dinner time. 

Whisk the evaporated milk and Nutella together in a bowl until they are well combined and smooth. Do it in a blender if you find it easier to do. 

Cover and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours. 

Pour into a freezer-safe container and place in the freezer for 1 hour. Take it out, and use a fork to bring the frozen sides into the middle. Mix it all up till it's smooth again and place back in the freezer. 

Do this every hour, until an hour before dinner time - if you're eating it the same day. 

(At some point, toss in some brownie bits and fold them in. Freeze.)

The reason you need to do it every hour is because if it's left to freeze overnight or several hours, it will become very hard and you need to then let it thaw at least 20 mins before scooping it out. 

Bringing it out and mixing it every hour ensures that the ice cream will be smooth and easy to scoop when you're ready to eat. 


Susanne said...

OMG, I just love, love, love Nutella, and just like you I can it right out of the jar with a spoon. I will have to make this as soon as it warms up a little more.

Amanda said...

Are you serious?? This is too much. My mouthy is hanging open and drool in coming out... WOW!!

I have never purchased Nutella and I am even more afraid to now!! I would be 100 pounds heavier!!


Grapefruit said...

Hehe - this ice cream is a MUST you guys! There is no simple way to resist Nutella.
Amanada I can't believe you're never had Nutella. Do me a favor: buy a jar today!


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