Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nutella: what's not to love?

The entire city is conspiring against me. Their mission is to keep me from getting my weekly Nutella fix. 

I'm all out. And I can't find it anywhere. Not in the small grocery stores, not the hyper-marts. Nowhere.

What makes it worse is that Nutella-related posts have been popping up all over the blogosphere because it is World Nutella Day on February 5. Just this past hour, I have read about at least 5 luscious Nutella desserts and then drooled over the photos in the Nutella day Flickr pool - all of which have sent my cravings completely over the edge. 

I was getting desperate enough to make my own 'Nutella spread' a la David Lebowitz. But that would have required looking for Hazelnut oil, which is just completely impossible slightly harder to find in these parts.


I so badly wanted to make Nutella ice cream and be part of the 'chocolaty hazelnut wave across the blogosphere' today. 

But no Nutella, no ice cream. 
And no Nutella, no photos :( [Sorry, Sara & Michelle]

And this is hardly an original recipe contribution to World Nutella Day but this is how my kids and I love our Nutella (when we're not eating it straight from the jar): 

Grilled Nutella Sandwich

2 slices whole wheat bread
2 tablespoons Nutella
cooking spray 

Heat griddle/pan. 

Lightly spread the outsides of two slices of bread with butter. 
Spread Nutella on the inside and sandwich together. 

Grill 2 mins per side. 

Slice in half and serve warm. 

Happy World Nutella Day!

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