Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cinnamon Danish Toast with Yogurt Cheese

Yogurt is one of my favorite foods. I can eat it for breakfast or as a snack at any time during the day.

Some time back I came across a book called 101 Things to do with Yogurt. I had to buy it knowing what a versatile food yogurt is and was eager to learn how to use it as a base for or as a healthy substitute in recipes. 

It was hard to decide what to make first out of the book; Cinnamon Danish Toast sounded like a good start. It required me to make Yogurt Cheese to begin with and so I made a small batch over the weekend. And I made the Cinnamon Danish Toast for breakfast this morning. 

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking:
Ok, so the edges got a little burnt while broiling, but I like burnt toast & I thought I was going to sit down and enjoy this treat while I watched the morning news. Boy, was I wrong. 
Because a grubby Toddler-hand found its way to my plate and took some bites out of the corner of my toast . . 
 The hand lingered. Meaning : "I haven't had enough"
See what I mean? She just took the whole thing off my plate.

The end. Yes, that's all that's left for Mama. 

Ok, I know you're not really here to watch my children eat their way through stuff I make. So here's the recipe: 

Cinnamon Danish Toast
1/3 cup plain or vanilla yogurt cheese (recipe follows)
2 tbsp honey
2 slices whole-grain bread, toasted
3 tsp cinnamon powder
3 tbsp sugar* 
(I just used a cinnamon sugar grinder and didn't measure how much I used)
Stir honey and yogurt cheese together in a small bowl to combine. Spread on toasted bread. 
Combine cinnamon and sugar, mix well and sprinkle over Yogurt Cheese. 
Place under broiler until cheese is bubbly and warmed through. Makes 2 servings. * 
*(I over-toasted my bread & so I couldn't keep it under the broiler more than 2 mins, since the edges started to burn as you can see in my photos. Didn't get to try with a new slice of toast since I was down to my last slice of bread!). 
Yogurt Cheese
2.5 cups plain or flavored yogurt (I used low-fat plain yogurt)
Place yogurt into your equipment of choice: 3 layers of cheesecloth, 2 paper coffee filters, a nylon jelly straining bag or a commercially manufactured yogurt cheese device. (I used 3 layers of cheesecloth). 
Place the cheesecloth in a colander with a bowl underneath to catch the whey. Cover yogurt with plastic wrap and let yogurt drain 6-8 hours or overnight. (This process will produce up to 1 cup of whey which you can either discard or use in another recipe). 
Transfer the soft cheese into a container lined with several folded paper towels to absorb additional whey; cover and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. 


Amanda said...

I love yogurt, this is right up my alley.

Peanutts said...

yumm that looks delish and simple. Must be really good judging from those littl hands heheh so cute, love those photoes


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