Monday, August 09, 2010

How To Eat a Mango - Part 2

There is no civilized way to enjoy a mango. The sweet, juicy flesh and inedible skin make it a difficult fruit to eat without making a huge mess. And some would argue that getting all sophisticated about consuming mangoes takes away the fun of eating them altogether. And I agree.

But this post isn't really about how to slice and eat mangoes. It's about a cherished memory from an otherwise mostly forgotten part of my life: while I was growing up, it was an unspoken tradition that I would spend some time during the summer each year with my best friend and her family. One morning, during one of my visits at their home, Uncle A. (my best friends' father) asked me if I'd like to have Mangoes, Parathas (flat bread) and Lassi (yogurt drink) for breakfast. I couldn't wrap my mind around the combination of breakfast items - in fact, it was plain bizarre to me. But I was too curious to turn it down.

So we all sat around the breakfast table while Uncle A. showed me how to eat mango with parathas: take a bite of mango, followed by a bite from the paratha... Or scoop some mango flesh into a piece of paratha. Wash it down with a sip of sweet, frothy Lassi. It was strangely delightful. Eating mangoes all by themselves is delicious enough, making a meal out of them was an indulgent treat; the memory of which is heart-warming.

And so, this morning, I treated myself to a healthy dose of mangoes and remembrance of times past. I'm only sorry I didn't have my best friends, R & H to share it with this time around.

 Sweet Lassi 

1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup ice cubes
3 teaspoons sugar
a pinch of salt

Blend all the ingredients on high speed until the ice is crushed and the mixture is frothy. Pour into glasses and drink right away.


Anonymous said...

Try it with namkeem (saltish) lassi!! I had it this time around when the mangoes was just 'right'.I have been bragging about how good it is to my friends but it is definately something you have to try to believe. The sweetness of the mangoes goes so well with the saltish parathas..YUM!! Want to have some now!

Good old times... :)

Sage Trifle said...

You must have been reading my mind! I have a note, here on my desk, with one word written on it: "Lassi". I have been searching for a recipe, but haven't found one I like, so thanks for providing one. Do you ever use cardamom in yours? And are you going to post a recipe for Paratha?

Grapefruit said...

@Anonymous - I thought of having it with namkeen lassi, but then decided on sweet instead. I like the sequence of sweet (mango) - salty (paratha) - sweet (lassi).
And yes - good old times ;-)
Miss you! Thanks for leaving a comment!

@Sage Trifle - I've never added cardamom to my lassi, but I'm sure it would be delicious.
These were frozen parathas, and I have never actually made a paratha from scratch but intend to do it soon & will post a recipe for sure!

tasteofbeirut said...

I have never seen such a simple and delicious recipe for lassi before! Love it.

Om Lujain© said...

It actually looks strangely delicious! The best foods are those that are linked to great memories.. :)

tina_bakes said...

what a combo!! I love mangoes and I love parathas (we call it roti canai in my neck of the woods) but never in my wildest dreams think of eating them together!

Rehna said...

My all time favourite combination. Love it - thanks for the memories and thanks you for posting!

Grapefruit said...

Tina - I would have never thought of it either before I first had it. However, I discovered later that it is a tradition with quite a few people that I know of!

Rehna - you're welcome :)

Camille said...

There are few tings that are as delightful as a perfectly ripe mango. Love the combination, and fruit + yogurt seems like a natural breakfast idea!

Jencrafted said...

Ditto Tina's comments. I've never tried a paratha-mango combo and very curious to find out. Did you make the paratha from scratch? I would so love to do that one day. Thanks for introducing something new - always refreshing!

Peanutts said...

ooooooooooh lassi ,yumm, Strange combination but sounds lovely,

Gulmohar said...

Love anything that has mango in it...paratha mango combo is def new for me

Grapefruit said...

@Jen - nope, didn't make it from scratch & would also want to do that - some day!


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