Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moving to Wordpress

So I spontaneously decided to move to Wordpress - 15 minutes ago. 

Luckily for me was available so I snapped it up several weeks ago when I first thought about it, and am migrating my previous posts there right now, as I type this post. 

I think it might take all day, because it's stopped at the 41st post. Also, it's not at all going to be easy because now I have to work out how to re-direct all web-searches for previous posts etc to wordpress and change links to posts.  

I figure I also have to re-format my posts and work on the blog theme. I don't know what possessed me to do all this right this very instant. But now that I've started - if any of you have any clues about how to go about all of the above or have done this before and have any tips, please give me a shout. Because I am really, really out of my depth here!

For now, I've set the the page at Wordpress to private so that at least I am less confused until I can work out all the technical stuff. 

Wish me good luck. I hope to have the new page up and running in a week or so!


Sage Trifle said...

Good luck with your move. I have noticed several of the blogs I follow have moved to WP lately. I hope it works out great for you and I will look forward to hearing your feedback about the change.

Grapefruit said...

Thanks Sage Trifle. Wordpress just seems easier to use and has better design templates etc .
I will just have to see - If I find it all too confusing, I will just stick with blogger, since am keeping the other page inaccessible for now.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Lmao ok I think I like you. "So I spontaneously decided to move to Wordpress - 15 minutes ago." is something I would do!

I hope you like Wordpress. It looked a bit complicated for me, but you can do so much more with it.


Susi said...

You are too funny, since you are so not busy as it is! ;o)
Just don't delete anything until you are completely sure you are happy. I know there are hardcore Wordpress fans and I've looked at it as well before but decided that blogger was the way to go for starting out. So good luck :o)

Grapefruit said...

Thanks for stopping by Laura. I agree - wordpress has better features even though it looks slightly more complicated than blogger. I managed to import all my posts but in the process, it ate up my comments :(
I think this will take more than a week for me to figure out!

Susi - yes, I chose the best time to migrate my blog: I have SO much free time ;-)

Blogger really is easier to start out with. But it gives me so much grievance by not letting me post anything at a later date for one thing. Besides, I really like all the templates over at WP much better! If only I can figure it all out :(

Sweet and Savory said...

I have a Wordpress and a Blogger blog. Both have advantages.

The problem, I have with Wordpress is that often, it refuses to recognize me, when I am commenting on a Blogger blog. This is serious.

I should be blogging here on Word Press since Comfy Cook is Wordpress but it takes so long to get it to accept my post and often, it doesn't, at all.

On the other hand, I love Word Press for photos and for behind the scenes information.

If you are still thinking about changing, feel free to ask questions. I used Wordpress first so it was not difficult to adjust to, for me. Blogger was the one, I had to learn to master.


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