Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lets Talk Chai

I'm a bit of a Chai snob. 

I normally decline offers of Chai that other people have made by either pretending I'm not a tea-drinker or by exaggerating my caffeine-intolerance. Most of the time I get away with it (Ssh! Don't tell anyone!). 

Chai, for me, has to be a strong brew and not predominantly milky. If I'm making it only for myself, I flavor it with cinnamon or green cardamom (I love Masala Chai for this reason). 

Not everyone gets it right. My husband, who is too polite to decline a offensive to the senses  cup of tea when offered, will always drink up any weak, watery, colorless concoction. But he invariably always asks me to make him a 'real' cup of tea as soon as we get back home. 
Here's how I make Chai with tea bags. 
For 1 strong cup of Chai, you need:

2 tea bags
2 tbsp regular or low-fat evaporated milk (don't use regular whole milk or low-fat milk if you want a creamy cup of Chai)
boiling water
sugar to taste
Place the two tea bags in a cup. Pour boiling water over them to come up 3/4 of the way up your cup/mug, cover with a saucer or small plate and let steep for exactly 3 minutes. 

Covering is optional, but I feel like it traps in more flavor. 
Uncover, remove tea bags (squeeze well before you do), add sugar and evaporated milk. Stir, serve. 

If you like spiced chai, like I do, throw in your flavoring of choice with the tea bags before adding the boiling water so they can steep together. Use a stick of cinnamon or 2-3 pods of green cardamom, crushed. Remove & discard spices before serving. 


Amanda said...

I dont drink Tea at all! So this was all educational for me! :)


Susi said...

I love chai tea especially when it is a little colder but just like you it has to be made correctly. There is nothing worse than weak chai tea, tastes like dishwater to me. However I have been using regular milk so the next time I will use evaporated to get the creaminess you are talking about :o)

Madura said...

i am a tea snob too, but only because i like it super sweet (4 spoons per cup minimum).
evaporated milk is a good idea. i was served some delicious coffee with sweetened condensed milk--which is the same thing, just with sugar. yumm.
your chai recipe sounds like mine, except i use ginger as well. generally, grated if i'm making it with just milk. or strips cut with a veg peeler and let steep in the water before the tea. yumm. ginger tea everyday.

Grapefruit said...

Susi : you said it! It does taste just like dishwater! ;-)

Madura - I like ginger in my tea occasionally as well & grate it in just like you do.
Thanks for stopping by!

Travis said...

That sounds like too much work for me! I usually just go with Tipu's Chai. Definitely the best chai I've found outside of India.


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