Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tarte aux Poires (Pear Tart)

I've never met Paule Caillat, but when I finally see her next month, I'm going to hug her.

Not only is she wonderful, she has also been so patient with my constant queries these past several months. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to book a class with her but all my planning & frequent e-mailing ended in anti-climax when I discovered I wouldn't be able to take one class I was looking forward to because of non-availability and another clashed with something else I will be doing that same day. When I found out the latter, I was sure Paule might want to whack me over the head with a cast-iron skillet for being such a nuisance. But didn't I already establish that she's wonderful?

She really is. For forgiving me. And for being the source of what has become my favorite sweet tart dough recipe.

The last time I made a tart inspired by Paule, I got the creme d'amandes (almond cream) wrong. Well - almost wrong. I hadn't known what creme d'amandes was and had used the first random recipe that I found through google search. It turns out, a much superior recipe was sitting right under my nose the entire time. If only I had bothered to consult BFMHTY

So here's my latest attempt at making a tart: I used Paule's recipe for sweet tart dough but entirely substituted the all-purpose flour with whole-wheat flour this time. The almond cream filling comes from BFMHTY  (recipe can be found on Dorie Greenspan's blog ) & is topped with freshly poached pears d'anjou. I resisted the urge to use either ginger or cloves in the poaching liquid because Paule warned that they might overpower the delicate flavor of the almond cream. But I did use a vanilla pod. 

The tart shell is par-baked for 7-8 minutes at 350F and then cooled before filling with the creme d'amandes & topping with poached, sliced pears. It goes back in the oven & needs to be baked for 45-50 minutes or until the almond cream is puffed and brown on top. 

Taking a bite out of this tart is complete bliss. I especially love the creme d'amandes which came out so much better than my previous attempt!  I told Paule that the first time I ever had tarte aux poires was in Disneyland &, while it may have been better looking than what you see here, I cannot say that it came anywhere close to this one in flavor.


tasteofbeirut said...

I have never made a tarte aux poires; I need to remedy this since I love pears. This recipe looks great and the topping in its golden glory is hard to resist.

crustabakes said...

i refer to BFMHTY as my bible as well! This tart looks so wonderful.I have never poached a pear before, and have never tried a pear tart in my life. I guess i would be trying that soon!

Sage Trifle said...

I have a somewhat passionate love of pears and your tart makes my mouth water.

Nammi said...

looks delicious, i always wish i could attend a cooking class here, they have loads of them in KL but never in other states :( , maybe someday :)

Beth said...

This looks so good! I've never baked much with pears, but I'm starting to find out what a wonderful baking fruit they are.

Shelley said...

Your tart looks lovely! And thanks for introducing me to Paule. Must check out her site at length- she looks like a good source of information.

croquecamille said...

I love tarte aux poires, and yours looks absolutely lovely!


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