Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taste & Create: Aloo Fry (a Potato Curry)

This is my first time participating in Taste & Create & I've been paired with Padmajha of Seduce Your Tastebuds. Padmajha has a treasure of Indian vegetarian dishes featured on her blog and I would have loved to try some of the ones I've never heard of before. But I had to pick something simple due to time constraints & so I went with Aloo Fry.

This is a simple, flavorful side dish that requires little preparation. I followed Padmajha's recipe exactly and the only minor changes I made was to add a squirt of lemon juice to the potatoes at the end. The other thing I did differently was that I waited till the onions were light brown before adding the whole spices (mustard seed, coriander seed, cumin - and a pinch of kalonji/black onion seed, which was my own addition) - quite simply because I thought if I added them in the reverse order, the spices might burn by the time the onion was browned.

You can find the recipe for Aloo Fry here.

I figured Taste & Create was a good way to shake me out of my complacency & try out new recipes. I'm looking forward to my next challenge next month! You can find out how it works here.


Peanutts said...

yumm, potatoes are my favorite, be it fried, boiled, mashed , etc its the best :). your dish looks great!!

tina_bakes said...

these look soooo soooo good, I could eat just this with warm white rice straight from the rice cooker!!

Beth said...

This looks really good. What a fun alternative to the Thanksgiving meals elsewhere!

tasteofbeirut said...

I made a similar dish last night, Lebanese style; would love to try your version too!

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Oh i do miss Taste and create and must take part in the next round!!
I love ur choice of this delicious Potato fry, how yummy!
Potato is always delicious and u have a wonderful blend of flavors galore!
AM sure that squirt of lime was oh so good!

Gulmohar said...

That looks too good..Aloo fry can't go wrong..Everyone will love it for sure :-)

Hannah said...

Wow - that picture is definitely seducing my taste buds!
It looks delicious.


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