Friday, June 17, 2011

Chocolate Fudgesicles

My kids' idea of summer vacation involves endless supplies of food and entertainment around the clock. Since I try to keep their snacks homemade, I've spent the past several days whipping up simple treats that will last them all week long. 

Making ice-cream is a lot of fun even though it gets a little labor-intensive without an ice-cream maker. These fudgesicles, though, were very easy to make and as chocolaty as promised. I found the recipe while browsing on Babble and made a test-batch with half the recipe. They were so well-received that I had to immediately make a second, larger, batch. 

I can kiss my diet goodbye because I do not understand the meaning of moderation lately & have had these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yup, they're that good. 

Homemade Fudgesicles
barely adapted from the recipe on
makes 6

1.5 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp strong, brewed coffee (I used decaf)
a pinch of salt
8 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 tsp vanilla extract 

Place the chocolate chips in a medium, heat-proof bowl. 

In a medium saucepan, heat the milk and cream over medium-low heat. Whisk in the cocoa, sugar, salt and coffee. Once the mixture starts steaming, remove it from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. 

Pour the mixture over the chocolate chips. Wait a minute for the chocolate to melt, then whisk till smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze at least 4 hours. 


Sage Trifle said...

These look delicious! I'm going to make some today. Baby is spending the weekend with us and my big baby will love them too.

Beth said...

Those look amazing. I have problems with moderation too!

I Wilkerson said...

I am trying to get my teenagers to cook more this summer. This looks like some pretty good motivation for them and I even know where my tupperwear popsicle molds are!


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