Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nutella-Cherry Sandwich

Were you beginning to think I forgot that I have a food blog? I did get a bit carried away there with the travel photos, didn't I? Sigh... I might go back there... but right now it's time to present you with a serious sugar rush in the form of this sandwich. This isn't really a recipe, but just inspiration to play around with that jar of Nutella you have sitting on your kitchen counter.

Remember that cherry frozen yogurt I made? Remember I strained the cooked cherries? Well, I didn't throw them away. Here's what I did with them: 

I spread two slices of whole-wheat bread with Nutella. Spooned the cherries over one half.

Spread the outsides lightly with margarine, sprayed a non-stick frying pan with cooking spray & grilled lightly on both sides (around 3 mins each).

Nutella has a way of making everything dreamy, doesn't it?


Jencrafted said...

You had me at the title! Love Nutella-everything! I have never tried a nutella-cherry combo; it sounds delish and looks like a wonderful comfort food!

Sage Trifle said...

I haven't bought a jar of Nutella in years and I am suddenly wondering why.

tasteofbeirut said...

What a brilliant idea! I remember my friend Marcelle a Ni├žoise by birth and upbringing with a Belgian mother; according to her, the best ever dessert is a good baguette, with some crushed strawberries and a sprinkling of sugar, slathered with butter.
Your nutella/cherry sandwich sounds pure heaven to me right now.

Amanda said...

You. Are. Genius.




Sweet and Savory said...

To see those berries peeking out is amazing. I want some.

tina_bakes said...

I just had lunch, but why am I now hungry :P

Lynne @ CookandBeMerry said...

In Two Words...Gor Geous! You decadent thing, you.

lifeistooshortforlowfatcheese said...

that reminds me of something I read in a magazine just the other day. It was a recipe for "freezer jam" and they used fresh raspberry jam and white old cheddar on sourdough toast. Actually, I lied, they didn't use sourdough, they used another type of bread but I was just thinking I would use sourdough so can't remember what they used! Maybe rye?


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