Thursday, May 23, 2013

Watermelon Sorbetto

Summer sneaked up on us. . late-April was deceptive with it's sudden stormy showers and cool evening breezes. For a while we grew complacent, duped ourselves into believing these mild days were here to stay. But then, just like that, the nip in the air was gone. Now early mornings are often motionless, hot. By noon the sun is glaring and the heat stifling. 

Soon appetites will begin waning and the kids will beg for things that are cool and scoop-able. The best way to indulge my children's summer dreams: this delicious sorbetto

The sorbetto is made with fresh watermelon juice and a whisper of lime to add a hint of tartness. The amount of sweetness is just right and does not overpower the fruit's natural flavor. David Lebovitz recommends throwing in some mini-chocolate chips for fun (to mimic watermelon seeds). I've never done this but maybe I will the next time I make a batch. Personally, I don't think it needs any chocolate: there couldn't be a simpler, more delicious dessert to round off your meal.

This sorbet is best made in an ice cream maker, but I often skip that step and freeze the mixture directly in popsicle molds. The recipe can be found on Page 112 of The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz, or because I am too lazy to type it out you can find it here.


the Squishy Monster said...

ah, I LOVE frozen watermelon and enjoy a frozen slush at least every other day when it's've made me very excited for what's to come...and I LOVE the delicious simplicity of this!

Rocquie said...

I'm still waiting for the summer heat. Your watermelon popsicles look beautiful and sound yummy.

I Wilkerson said...

This looks delicious and soooo refreshing. Can't wait for the warmth to get here!

Beth said...

Your sorbetto looks so pretty!
I read your earlier post, and was sad to hear that you've lost your sense of smell. That truly is a loss for someone who loves food, and I hope the loss is temporary.

Kiran @ said...

Best way to enjoy summer with homemade popsicles!

Needful Things said...

Thank you all!
@Beth - Thanks for your kind comments. I still can't smell a thing. It's very frustrating but am hoping I get over this problem soon :(

Gemma said...

this looks so amazing and delicious! :) xx

gemma @


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